So far so good

The state cabinet has taken some major decision during its first sitting held recently. If these decisions are indeed implemented in true sense, it can change the face of the state in years to come. The decision to do away with submission of DPRs by the individuals is perhaps the best decision taken by the cabinet. Major chunk of government funds are wasted on the projects which are initiated by the individuals in connivance with the engineers. These kinds of projects are for the benefit of the individuals and not for the general public. Especially in capital complex region majority of funds are diverted to the individual project like construction of retaining wall, drainage etc.
Further the cabinet decision to reflect all the developmental projects, schemes and programmes in the budget document will make system more transparent. This will make public aware of the projects and schemes that are going to be implemented in their respective districts in advance. The public can keep an eye on these projects and report any wrongdoings to the higher authorities. In all these years the government schemes and projects have been mostly distributed to the supporters and workers as some kind of rewards by the politicians. There was no accountability and public funds were utterly misused for the personal gains. The state cabinet headed by Chief Minister Pema Khandu seems to be making all the right noise in the beginning of this term. However the state government will be judged on the basis of whether they are able to implement these cabinet decisions in reality.