People losing faith in security forces

A report of an NSCN camp being busted by security forces in Changlang district was widely carried by the local media on Tuesday. The report claims that a joint team of the Assam Rifles (AR) and the state police conducted an operation in suspected areas to destroy the camp. But strangely, the report, which was shared by the AR, did not mention which faction of the NSCN had been using the camp. Why this reluctance to name the group? Are security forces afraid of naming the NSCN faction in the media?
It is due to these kinds of behaviour of the security forces that the local people of Tirap, Changlang and Longding are scared to come out openly against the insurgent groups. The forces have to take the lead and inspire the locals to rise against Naga militants operating in the three troubled districts. Also, the security forces are busy destroying abandoned camps but are not able to trace the militants involved in the massacre of 11 people, including MLA Tirong Aboh. It is more than 20 days since the incident took place but till now there is no trace of the killers. The people are starting to question the sincerity of the security forces. It looks like they are also waiting for the public to forget about the incident. The security forces conducted some searches here and there during the initial days just to show that they were working. Instead of wasting time in burning abandoned militant camps, they should use their intelligence and energy to nab the killers who killed 11 people in a senseless attack.