NPF urges Centre for early settlement of Naga political issue

Kohima, Jun 12 (PTI) The Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) Wednesday urged the Centre for an early settlement of Naga political issue.
The NPF also called upon all the Naga nationalist groups to stand together on the same platform and adopt the same approach towards solution of the long standing problem.
NPF president Dr Shurhozolie Liezietsu reiterated that the party shall continue to uphold the principles of non- violence and shall strive for resolution of all conflicts through peaceful means.
He was speaking at the central executive council meeting of the party and also felicitated Dr Lorho S Pfoze, NPF candidate for winning the Outer Manipur Lok Sabha seat at central headquarter here.
“We will continue to uphold the uniqueness of Naga political history which, of late, the Government of India had also given recognition and such recognition is considered to be a positive step towards solving the protracted political problem in Nagaland,” he said.
Liezietsu affirmed that NPF will continue to strive to work for early political settlement of the long standing Naga political problem.
“We will continue to appeal to the wisdom of our national workers to come closer to one another and stand together on the same platform and adopt the same approach towards solution of the Naga political problem based on ground realities,” he said.
The NPF president said “we want an early settlement which is honorable and inclusive because piece meal solution is not going to serve any purpose”.
On snapping of ties with BJP in Nagaland, the NPF president, clarified that “Our support to BJP government in Manipur may not have any effect either on us or on BJP, but we do not want to vitiate the atmosphere in any manner for the ongoing process of the ‘Framework Agreement’ signed between the Government of India and NSCN-IM on August 3, 2015”.
Leader of Opposition in Nagaland Assembly and former Chief Minister T R Zeliang lambasted the ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) for engaging in “poaching” of NPF MLAs.
He alleged that present NDPP government in the state has not been able to take up any developmental and welfare activities for the people of the state because it is too busy in poaching NPF MLAs.
Zeliang said NPF does not regret that seven MLAs went against the party because it is better to have unity within a smaller group than to remain divided in a larger group.
Zeliang, while reiterating the stand of the party on Citizenship Amendment Bill reaffirmed that NPF will never accept the PDA government stand that Nagas are protected from CAB by Article 371(A) of the Constitution of India.
“If the present state government feels that Nagas are protected under Article 371A, they are fooling the Naga people,” he said while requesting the two NPF MPs – one each in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to stand firm against the Bill in the Parliament.