Delayed action

In the last few days the deteriorating condition of the bailey bridges over Subansiri and Kamle Rivers have created panic among the citizens of Upper Subansiri and Kamle districts. Especially the condition of bailey suspension bridge over the Kamle River in Tamin under Kamle district which partially collapsed after a loaded truck tried to cross is in precarious condition. This particular bridge is the lifeline for the people of Kamle and Upper subansiri districts. The situation is so bad that Chief Minister Pema Khandu who also holds the portfolio of PWD has to personally intervene.
In Arunachal Pradesh only when the situation turns grim the authorities reacts. For long several organizations and citizens has been raising concern over the deteriorating condition of Bailey bridge over Kamle River. But the authorities turned blind eye until the bridge partially collapsed when an overloaded truck tried to cross it. Why did the authorities wait for the bridge to partially collapse in order to start the repairing work? PWD has to take blame for it. The state government should punish those officials who fail to act on time to repair/maintain important infrastructure assets. Their negligence can cause immense human tragedy. Learning from this incident, the state government should conduct a thorough check of all the major bridges of the Arunachal Pradesh. Wherever necessary, the repairing and maintenance should be carried out on priorities.