Protect water sources

The contamination of the Senki river near the water treatment plant (WTP) is a matter of deep concern. The Senki WTP provides drinking water supply to large parts of Itanagar. The Senki View Welfare Committee (SWC) has been raising concern over this issue and has repeatedly appealed to the capital district administration and the public health engineering (PHE) department to look into it. Unfortunately, still large numbers of people regularly visit the WTP area, thereby dirtying the water source. The administration will have to take steps to put an end to it. They cannot afford to willfully ignore the problem and allow people to contaminate the drinking water source.
The Senki and the Poma rivers are the two main sources of drinking water supply for Itanagar. Besides the concern of contamination, there is growing worry about depleting supply of drinking water, especially during the winter season, due to increasing deforestation. The rampant felling of trees for jhum cultivation and other activities is leading to the drying up of water sources. During winter season, when there is less rainfall, the situation becomes very precarious. The PHE and the environment & forest departments will have to join hands to save the water sources. Strict measures should be enforced to stop the destruction of forests in the areas around the Poma and the Senki water sources.