Be responsible tourists

A 23-year-old man was killed in a bike accident in Lohit district, allegedly caused by rash driving by some bikers from Assam. With the road conditions improving, districts like Namsai, Lohit and Lower Dibang Valley are frequented by people from neighbouring Assam. Places like Mayudia, Tengapani and Roing are popular places of hangout for these visitors. The majestic Lohit and Dibang rivers are also attractions for them.
A large number of people enter these districts daily for picnicking and hiking after acquiring temporary ILPs. Many of them are seen driving at high speeds under the influence of alcohol. Even in Roing town, several cases of rash driving by tourists from neighbouring Assam are constantly reported. Allegations of misbehaviour with local citizens have also been reported on several occasions. To make matters worse, many of these visitors have been found littering in places like Mayudia and Roing. The Arunachal Pradesh government has been working hard over the years to sell the state as a major tourist destination. It seems to be yielding results, especially in districts like Tawang and West Kameng, and in certain districts of the eastern region. But it is also leading to damage to the ecology. Further, to avoid any kind of confrontation between tourists and locals, the state government, the tourism department in particular, should sensitize both the visitors and local citizens. The visitors also need to follow certain dos and don’ts in order to avoid hurting the local sentiments. If both sides respect each other’s sentiments, it will be a win-win situation for both.