Ban on pig import from Myanmar to check ASF

Aizawl, Jul 09 (PTI) Mizoram government has taken measures to ban import of pigs and piglets, specially from Myanmar, and local residents have been mobilised to generate awareness among the people to prevent the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in the border state, an official said Tuesday.
ASF outbreak was reported in China and Vietnam and it is feared that it could reach Mizoram through Myanmar and affect the piggeries in the state,director of the state animal husbandry and veterinary department, Hmarkunga said.
The disease affects only porcine species of all breeds and pork products are widely consumed in the state.
No cases of ASF have, however, been detected in the state so far, he said.
Hmarkunga said the district magistrates of districts adjoining Myanmar have issued prohibitory orders against importing pigs and piglets from the neighbouring country.
“The veterinary officials in all the districts, especially those along the 404 km-long international border with Myanmar, were instructed to beef up vigil,” he said.
The district authorities have also been instructed to ban import of pork products such as sausages as traces of ASF were reportedly found in the sausages in Japan.
Hmarkunga said that the steps were taken in view of the hardships faced by the people due to the outbreak of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome in the state in 2018.