Long wait for justice

After a gap of two years, the state police have finally arrested one person in connection with the student leader Ojing Taying murder case. Home Minister Bamang Felix announced this on Wednesday in the just concluded assembly session. Though it is early days, the arrest of one person, even on mere suspicion, has given a ray of hope to the family and friends of late Taying. The case has dragged on for the last two years with no outcome. Earlier, the CBI had refused to take over the case after the state government had recommended it them.
Everyone will be hoping that the special investigation team (SIT) which is handling the case will carry out proper investigation, so that justice is done to late Taying. It is also time to reflect on the unsolved cases, like that of Toko Yame, who died under mysterious circumstances after a fight broke out between groups of students in Tawang in 2017. So far no one has been arrested in this case, and the police remain clueless. Another case which remains unresolved till today is that of the brutal attack on law student Haku Tatak, way back in 2012. Though he survived the attack, he never fully recovered from it. The capital police have failed to crack that case too. Likewise, there are several other criminal cases which remain unsolved, and the family members are still waiting for justice. Under the new Home Minister, Bamang Felix, the SIT has acted swiftly by making the first arrest in the Ojing Taying case. This gives hope to the family of late Toko Yame and several others that finally there may be light at the end of the tunnel.