Traffic chaos and state capital

While the construction work of the Capital highway is being delayed, traffic congestion in the capital road has become an order of the day. Adding woes to traffic problem, continuous rain for the last few days has also been playing havoc for road users in the capital region. Nowadays, a car owner or a driver has to think twice before travelling from Itanagar to Naharlagun and vice versa in rainy days.
When we are expecting a better four-lane road in the state capital, there is no denying that the traffic regulation is going to become a tough task in the coming days with the increasing number of vehicles. Moreover, after completion of capital highway road, an unwanted and unexpected problem related to vehicle parking can not be ruled out.
However, traffic management will become effective only when the road users become more alert and aware of traffic safety rules. Home minister Bamang Felix on Saturday rightly said, traffic regulation will become more easier if the vehicle owners or road users change their mindset and think that traffic chaos is not only a problem of traffic management authorities. The road users or car drivers have to play their role for solution to traffic problem as alert citizens, he added while exhorting everyone to abide by the traffic rules and road safety guidelines. Felix also informed that capital highway construction works will be accelerated after the monsoon.
At a time, when we were expecting early completion of capital highway, we should keep in mind that self-discipline and compliance to traffic rules will not only lessen the burden of the traffic personnel, it will also help to reduce road accident and traffic problems. We also expect, state government will give a serious thought about the allotment of vehicle parking places as a part of the road safety measures.