Warning signal

A major tragedy was averted on Wednesday when a massive landslide occurred on National Highway 415 near the police headquarters (PHQ) in Gohpur area of Itanagar. Several vehicles and shops came under the debris of the landslide. Alert passersby managed to pull out two persons, identified as Biri Tath and Tarin Mosu, from the mud. Their alertness, along with the prompt response of the NDRF, the SDRF and other security forces, managed to contain the situation. The incident is a big warning to the people of the state.
In the area where the landslide took place, a new road had been constructed, connecting NH 415 with a cultural centre located on the hill. The road had been constructed after cutting the hill. This destabilized the soil and triggered a major landslide, causing a portion of the hill to collapse. The capital administration also needs to take some blame. Every year they issue several notices banning earth-cutting along the roads, but no one follows it. The district administration fails to take any action against them, which encourages the wrongdoers. Also, it is time the people of the capital complex stopped indulging in activities which not only put their own lives but also that of others at risk. The Gohpur incident should send an alarm bell ringing across the capital region. With more rains expected in the next month, everyone has to remain alert and take precaution.