Professionalism needed in tiger conservation

As per the 2018 All India Tiger Estimation Report, 29 tigers have so far been recorded in the state. With 526 tigers, Madhya Pradesh is home to the largest number of tiger population in the country. Arunachal Pradesh has three tiger reserves – Kamlang, Namdapha and Pakke. Of late, the presence of tigers has been noticed in the Dibang wildlife sanctuary too. This is the only place in whole world, after Siberia, where tigers have been found living in a snowy region. Despite all of this, Arunachal Pradesh still has a long way to go in the matter of wildlife conservation.
There is always a clash between the tribal way of life and conservation. Hunting and deforestation have badly hurt the efforts of conservation. Also, the environment and forests department desperately needs upgrading. Many of the officers working in the field are not properly trained. Also, they lack the equipment and the technology to keep pace with the modern ways of conservation. The state government should focus on this critical issue. Further, there is need for greater cooperation between the local people and the forest department officials. The conservation efforts will get a boost if there is mutual trust between the villagers and the officials. Also, the efforts to protect the tigers in the state have to be intensified. The government should invest more money in this regard. Get the latest technology to track tigers. Also, within the environment and forests department, a separate tiger protection cell should be formed. The officials working in it should be sent for training in places like the Jim Corbett National Park. This will help to instill a sense of professionalism and, also, they will learn newer methods of conservation.