Development requires sincere effort

Tali circle of Kra Daadi district, which is one of the last few remaining circle headquarters not to have road connectivity, finally may have one come November this year. Local MLA Jikke Tako, who is first-time elected, has set a target to have road and telecom connectivity established in Tali by November. The MLA has also announced that Chief Minister Pema Khandu will travel to Tali by road in November. This ambitious target, if achieved, will be a major milestone. Though Tali is one of the oldest circles of the state, till date it does not have proper road connectivity. Successive governments sanctioned massive funds for the construction of road there, but it never got completed.
Corruption and misuse of fund have ensured that Tali does not have road connectivity till now. The lack of basic necessities has led to large-scale migration of people from Tali to the capital complex. The area is strategically important as it is located near the China border. The migration of people has created deserted villages, and this has worried the government of India. Therefore, it would be a huge achievement if indeed Tali gets road and telecom connectivity by November. However, the MLA should ensure that the road is an all-weather one. Further, it is time the elected representatives of districts like Kra Daadi and Kurung Kumey made sincere efforts to speed up development in these two districts. The two districts are still lagging behind the rest of the state in terms of development.