Long way to go

After a long wait, the state government finally initiated measures to stop illegal encroachment of the Rajiv Gandhi University’s (RGU) land.
Much to the joy and relief of the people of the state, officials of the Doimukh sub-divisional office have manage to recover over 2000 square metres of the originally donated land which was encroached upon. The land has been demarcated and now it is up to the RGU authorities to construct a boundary wall at the earliest to prevent any further encroachment.
The university should take up this work on priority and construct a boundary wall as soon as possible.
However, this is just the beginning. Around 50 acres of the RGU land is believed to have been encroached by private individuals as well as by the employees of the university.
Altogether, five major points of encroachment have been identified in the campus. Of this, the authorities have managed to resolve only one case so far . It means the four major cases of encroachment are yet to be resolved. Around 45 acres of land is still under the occupation of encroachers and is yet to be recovered.
The Papum Pare district administration should fast-track the remaining four encroachment cases and recover the land from the clutches of illegal encroachers.
The encroachers, mostly of who are employees of the RGU, should be ashamed and return the land before authorities take action against them. Instead of becoming partners in the growth of RGU, these greedy land-grabbers are becoming stumbling blocks in the development of the university. In fact, the RGU authorities should take strict action against those employees who have been named as land encroachers.