Disturbing development

Just days after a Khonsa-based businessman was arrested for his alleged link with the NSCN (IM), yet another businessman was arrested on Monday, together with a member of the NSCN (R). Businessman Manoj Kr Mittal was arrested along with self-styled major of the NSCN (R), Phangran Jugli, by a team of a special investigation team (SIT) of the state police. The member of the NSCN (R) was reportedly camping in the capital region to buy properties to develop a safe hideout. This is a worrying development. The menace of the Naga insurgency which has engulfed the troubled districts of Tirap, Changlang and Longding (TCL) is slowly spreading into the capital region.
The insurgents are trying to use the capital complex as a safe hideout and to carry out their extortion activities. The police will have to be more vigilant to stop this kind of activities in the capital complex, which is a sensitive region. Further, the involvement of businessmen, especially those hailing from outside the state, in insurgency-related activities is deeply disturbing and poses a big challenge to the security agencies. It seems there is a huge nexus between business people and militants, which is benefitting both parties. Even in the assassination of MLA Tirong Aboh, the investigating agency has identified one businessman for his possible involvement in the case. The dirty secret of the nexus between businessmen and underground elements is finally unraveling in front of the people of the state. A close watch should be kept on all the business houses operating in the TCL districts. A bunch of greedy people are using UG groups to further their own interests. The authorities need to come down hard on such people.