Better doctor-patient relation needed

The Arunachal Pradesh Protection of Medical Service Personnel and Medical Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage or Loss of Property) Act, 2019, has come into force with effect from 22 August. This landmark law has been brought into effect to protect the doctors and medical personnel on duty from any form of violence. The state government took the decision to bring in the new law after several cases of attacks on doctors and other medical personnel on duty were reported from various parts of the state. Hopefully, it will act as a deterrent and prevent attacks on them.
The medical personnel, especially doctors, work under a lot of pressure. If people create a hostile atmosphere in the hospitals, how will they perform their duties? The citizens should realize this and cooperate as much as possible with them. Also, most of the hospitals in the state are yet to have facilities like ICU because of the uncooperative attitude of the people. These are serious issues which need deep introspection. On their part, the doctors and other medical personnel should check any kind of illegal activities carried out by their fellow members. Another aspect is the behaviour of the medical personnel. Often, allegations of rude behaviour by hospital staffers are reported, which is a cause for concern. People look upto doctors and nurses in times of distress. If they start behaving rudely, it can have a negative effect on the patients and their relatives.