Darkest night before dawn: Sarangi on economic slowdown

Sehore (MP), Sep 7 (PTI): Union Minister Pratap Chandra Sarangi on Saturday admitted that the country’s economy was experiencing a slowdown, but added it was the “darkest night before dawn”.
Expressing confidence of a turnaround, the Union Minister of State for Animal Husbandry claimed there would be no delay in the “sunrise”.
Replying to a query, he said it was the duty of cow owners to ensure their protection and prevent them from roaming on the roads.
“We are living in the darkest night before dawn and I understand that there is no delay in the sunrise now. GST, demonetisation, a lot of processes are going on. Despite this, there is a slight slowdown in our economy. But it will change soon. You will see,” he claimed.
“So much has been done, infrastructure has been readied for rural development,” he added.
Sarangi said the government should take responsibility of looking after stray cattle and keep them in gaushalas (cattle shelters) in case the owners fail to do so.
“It is an offence to leave cows on the roads,” he said.
He was here to inspect the Puni plant of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.