A wakeup call for society

The report of vandalization of school properties by students and the ill-treatment of juniors by senior students coming from the Sher VKV depicts the Arunachalee society in a very poor light. This should be a wakeup call for everyone. It is really sad to see students destroying the properties of the same school where they have been educated for so long. Their action deserves to be condemned, and the VKV authorities have done the right thing by punishing them, though it may look too harsh.
It also exposes the lack of morality on the part of the students. The society as a whole will have to debate and discuss it. Today, it has become very difficult for the teachers to discipline the students. Lack of support from parents and the law enforcing agencies deters the teachers. Further, the shocking allegation of the ill-treatment of juniors by senior students which have come from the Sher and Oyan VKVs is deeply disturbing. In such a young age, if the students indulge in antisocial activities, it becomes a matter of serious concern. This incident has come to light, but there must be several other such instances which are never reported in the media. These kinds of incidents take place in other schools too. In such a situation, the school authorities should take strict action against the perpetrators. They are duty bound to protect the victims and punish the wrongdoers.