Condemnable act

The recent incident of the destruction of Durga idols at Doimukh by three drunken youth is highly condemnable. The incident has damaged the image of the state. For years Arunachal Pradesh has been known as an epitome of peace, and the tribal community is admired for its secular outlook, but the Doimukh incident has shamed every Arunachalee. However, the police managed to immediately arrest the culprits before the situation flared up. The Hindu community also deserves appreciation for their part in peacefully resolving the situation.
Though it was an isolated incident, there is something to learn from it. In order to avoid such incidents in the future, there should be better coordination between puja organizing committees, local people and the administration.
With the migrant population growing, the number of puja pandals is also sprouting during Durga and Viskwakarma festivals in the state. With this, the issue of immersion of idols in various rivers and pollution caused by it has become a major concern.
Starting this year, the Government of India has banned idol immersion in the river Ganga by imposing hefty penalty of rupees fifty thousand. The government of Arunachal Pradesh should moot for a similar idea in the state. This can be achieved with proper coordination between the puja celebration committee members, departments like environment and forest, district administration and the police.
The Doimukh incident should not damage the age-old relation between the indigenous tribal community and non-APST migrant population. Everyone should come together and further solidify the relation. The mutual love and respect for each other should not be affected by incidents like the one witnessed in Doimukh. Hopefully, the police will ensure proper punishment to the accused involved in the incident.