The menace of encroachment

Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, BD Mishra, has once again raised the pertinent issue of encroachment of land belonging to educational institutions in the state. This is an issue which has been worrying every right-thinking citizen, but unfortunately, the state government never takes it seriously. Here in the state capital region itself, institutions like RGU, the NERIST and various government schools are facing threats from land grabbers. Most of these illegal land encroachers are either employees of the educational institutions themselves or some powerful people. The administrations over the years have miserably failed to protect these institutions.
This has emboldened the land grabbers. Not only educational institutions, even other government plots have been heavily encroached. The twin towns of Itanagar and Naharlagun were established with proper planning. But unfortunately, rampant encroachment of government land over the years has destroyed the beauty of the capital complex. Today, a majority of the government quarters have vanished, and in some areas even sector/colony roads have been encroached upon. The illegal encroachments have drastically changed the topography of the capital complex. Everybody raises concern over encroachment but no one takes any serious step to control it. There is a nexus between government officials, politicians and encroachers. The governor has given hope by raising concern over the encroachment of land belonging to educational institutions. Hopefully, the state government will take the concern raised by him seriously and work to protect these institutions. Further, the people of the capital complex will be hoping that the governor makes similar intervention related to encroachment on government land, including the national highway, and sector and colony roads. Unless the encroachment menace is stopped, the capital complex will never develop in the true sense.