Marketing linkages key to farmers’ prosperity

With the procurement of organic kiwi from Ziro by the North Eastern Agriculture Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMAC), the much-needed market linkage for kiwi growers of Arunachal Pradesh has been established. This will help the farmers to directly sell their produces to the NERAMAC and avoid middlemen. Even though a majority of people in the state are engaged in farming, due to lack of market linkage, the farmers are struggling to sell their products. Left with no choice, they are forced to depend on middlemen to sell their produces.
The government of Arunachal Pradesh should create more such linkages for the farmers to sell their produces. The state has huge potential in the agri-horti field which is yet to be fully tapped. One of the main reasons for the failure is lack of emphasis on the areas of research and development. The government does not provide enough funds to the agriculture and the horticulture departments to carry out research to improve the quality of produces. As the government jobs are drying up, the people are looking at various other avenues for employment opportunities. The agri-horti sector can play an important role in generating self employment opportunities for the youths. However, the government will have to provide support to the youths. The establishment of market linkages for the farmers will be one of the key elements in this regard.