Cinema only spreads love and connects people: Majumder

Guwahati, Nov 5: The ruling class, irrespective of political affiliations, is always scared of cinema despite the fact that it “only spreads love and connects people”, renowned film critic and curator Premendra Majumder wondered.
He rued that nowadays most of the film festivals have just become a “business platform” to sell movies.
“I don’t know why all fear cinema. It is a boundary less art and spreads only love and emotions. It connects people. It never affects anybody,” he told PTI on Tuesday at the ongoing 3rd Guwahati International Film Festival (GIFF) here.
Whether it is the Congress or the BJP government, the ruling class irrespective of their political affiliations has always imposed censorship and banned films critical to the establishment and social norms, he alleged.
“Cinema is the most important form of art and it has tremendous strength. The government fear good cinema probably because it is a very powerful medium,” said Majumder, an author of a number of books on cinema and culture.
He further alleged the powers that be always influence in the selection of films in the festivals and there are innumerable examples of critical cinema being rejected from screening in such places.
“Film festivals depend on the government in power.
Free festivals are very rare. This despite the fact that government does not have any policy regarding holding film festivals or selection of movies there,” Majumder, who hails from West Bengal, told PTI.
Not only the government-funded festivals, but even the private ones are buoyed by the ruling class in selection of films as well as artistes, he asserted. PTI