CAB is back to haunt NE states

The controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) is back to haunt the North East region. The ruling BJP promised during elections that they will pass the CAB if voted back to power. Home Minister Amit Shah in various forums has also made it clear that the BJP will pass the bill come whatever. Keeping in mind the West Bengal and Assam assembly elections in mind, the saffron party will make every effort to bring in the CAB. A large chunk of Hindu Bangladeshi refugees living in these two states form the BJP vote bank. The party wants to capitalize on this by passing the CAB, which will open up granting of Indian citizenships to them.
The indigenous people of the North East region oppose the CAB as they fear that these refugees will outnumber locals once granted citizenship. Massive number of refugees, including Hindus and Buddhists from Bangladesh are already living in various North East states. The last time the Central government tried to pass the CAB, people of the North East region stood up and bitterly opposed it. This time is expected to be no different.
The North East Students’ Organization has said it is going to intensify its movement against the implementation of the CAB by staging protests across the capitals of the North East states on 18 November. Various opposition political parties too are opposing the Bill. In Arunachal Pradesh, once the CAB is passed, the Chakma-Hajong refugees will get Indian citizenship. This may make things very complicated and chances of conflict between the indigenous people and new settlers are very high. The Government of India cannot afford to brush aside the concerns raised by the indigenous communities of the North East region. Peace has returned to the region after much difficulty. By pushing for the CAB without addressing the concerns of the indigenous people, they are threatening peace and stability of the region.