Streamline private schools

The All Upper Subansiri District Students’ Union (AUSDSU) has raised concern over the mushrooming of private schools in the district and has rightly questioned the education department for not keeping a check on them. The union during a visit found that many private schools with hostels are in pathetic conditions and operating with unhygienic kitchens and bathrooms. This is a very serious issue and needs to be properly looked into.
Today, private schools are mushrooming across the state. A majority of them do not follow the basic guidelines laid down by the CBSE. Especially in the capital complex region, the private schools are in big numbers. Due to the poor performance of government-run schools in the CBSE examinations, parents prefer to send their children to private schools. That’s where the main problem lies. The private schools are taking advantage of the situation and are making money by compromising with guidelines. It’s time the education department took note of the concern and took corrective measures to check the mushrooming of private schools. The opening of private schools will definitely help to improve the education scenario in the state. However, they have to be properly monitored, so that everyone follows the basic guidelines. The issue raised by the AUSDSU should be followed by other student bodies, and they too should check private schools operating in their respective districts.