Is democracy in peril ?

In an event organized at Mumbai on Saturday, industrialist Rahul Bajaj told Home Minister Amit Shah that people feared criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration for fear of reprisals. Further he said people did not fear to criticize government during Congress era. In reply Shah said no one needs to fear and everyone can criticize the government. The video of Mr Bajaj went viral in social media. The BJP immediately started trolling him. All sort of abuses were thrown at him and his family.
The finance minister Nirmal Sitharaman even went to the extent of alleging that Rahul Bajaj was hurting national interest by raising such issue. Though home minister Amit Shah tried to act as if Modi government is receptive to criticism, but by unleashing it’s IT cell to trolling him relentlessly, the saffron party has exposed themselves. Also the way finance minister reacted it is evident that this government do not appreciate criticism. In fact BJP and its supporters have proved Mr Bajaj right by abusing him relentlessly in social media. If a powerful industrialist like Rahul Bajaj is scared of speaking out against the wrong policy of government, then, imagine the condition of ordinary citizens. Today it has become extremely difficult for activists and media persons to work freely in India. The attempt is being continuously made to silence the critics of the government. This attack on democracy and freedom of expression should be strongly resisted by everyone. The industrialist Rahul Bajaj deserves appreciation for being bold enough to take on the present regime.