Make legal justice system strong

On Friday morning, India woke up to the news of four men accused in the gang-rape and murder of a young veterinarian in Telangana being killed in an encounter by the police. As per the police version, the shootout took place when the accused tried to escape during investigation at the spot where the woman’s body had been found. The news spread like wildfire and people celebrated the killing. On social media, the killings were hailed by citizens and celebrities. Barring a few sane voices, almost everybody was jubilating over the killing.
The anger and grief over the brutal murder of a young veterinarian had swept across the country. The incident reminded many of the Nirbhaya case. Despite all the promises made by the successive governments at the Centre and in the states, crimes against women continue to rise in the country. Somewhere there is a weakness in the legal justice system which continues to embolden criminals. Also, it forces people to doubt whether justice will be delivered to the victims. It is for this very reason that the people are celebrating the extra-judicial killing of the four accused. However, the killing is illegal and there should be proper investigation into the case. If every person accused of committing crimes are gunned down like this, what is the need of courts? India is a democratic country, and the law says that a person cannot be punished until proven guilty. Terrorist Ajmal Kasab was seen in a video killing people in the streets of Mumbai. But even he was hanged after facing trial in the country. This is the beauty of Indian democracy.