Stop blame game

A blame game has erupted over the failure to make way for the right of way (RoW) along the ongoing four-lane road project (NH 415) between Chandranagar and Papu Nallah. When Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar inspected ongoing work last Saturday, it was brought to his notice that the capital complex administration failed to provide the 30-metre RoW to the contractor inside the township area. Because of this, on the stretch between Chandranagar and the Raj Bhavan road entry point, the construction of the highway has been badly affected. The capital complex administration on its part has alleged that it was the state government which stopped it from continuing with the eviction drive.
The administration also alleged that despite its writing several letters to the higher authorities, the state government did not allow it to resume the eviction drive. At this juncture, it is difficult to make out who is at fault, but everyone should come together and get the work done. The denizens of the capital complex are pinning their hope on the four-lane road project to improve the condition of NH 415. The pathetic condition of the road, along with the constant traffic jams, has made life miserable for the citizens. If a proper RoW is not maintained, the four-lane project will remain only on paper and will not serve any real purpose.