Capital admin failed to avert panic

The capital complex has been hit by a serious fuel crisis in the last three days. The crisis was followed by chaos on the streets of Itanagar, Naharlagun and Nirjuli. With people panicking and rushing to the petrol depots, there were massive traffic jams on the capital’s road. The entire chaos has exposed the lack of preparedness on the part of the capital complex administration. Despite knowing that the situation in Assam was getting tense, the administration did not make prior preparedness.
Also, when there were massive traffic jams and chaos at the petrol depots, there was not enough police personnel to contain the situation. Rumour-mongering along with panic buying of petrol and diesel caused more trouble. The administration failed to stop the panic buying. Even though the protests in Assam have subsided for now, one cannot rule out the possibility of protests erupting again in the days to come. Therefore the capital complex administration should take enough measures to ensure that such things are not repeated in future. The people of the capital should also learn to be patient and stop panicking.