BJP’s arrogance bodes ill

Despite the bitter opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday refused to back down, saying that the Centre will do everything in its power to provide citizenship to migrants from persecuted communities in neighbouring countries. The amended law aims to provide citizenship to non-Muslim migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who came to India till 31 December, 2014. While rights activists and opposition parties allege that it discriminates on communal lines, stakeholders in the Northeast claim that the move will throw open the floodgates for illegal migrants into the region.
Violent protests that began in the Northeast against the law eventually shifted to the national capital, culminating in a police crackdown on the Jamia Millia Islamia University, which sparked further agitations across the country. As the government seems to be in a defiant mood, those opposing the CAA have been left with no option but to pin their hope on the Supreme Court. Several petitions have been filed in the SC by various groups against the CAA. The nation’s hope will rest on the judgment of the SC. However, it is deeply saddening to see that despite stiff opposition from various quarters, the government is adamant to implement the act. This shows utter disregard for the concerns raised by the people. The arrogance exhibited by BJP leaders, including the likes of Home Minister Amit Shah, is not good for Indian democracy.