Save rivers and streams

A research conducted by the Phd scholars of Rajiv Gandhi University, Doimukh, on the condition of the groundwater in Papum Pare district has raised serious concern over water contamination and pollution due to ‘anthropogenic’ factors. The research also raised concern over the contamination of the streams flowing in the capital complex. The finding is an eye-opener for the people as well as the government agencies of the capital region. Rampant deforestation has been occurring for years, and no effort has been made to stop them.
Further, most of the drains are diverted to the rivers and the streams. Some of the major rivers flowing through the capital complex, like the Senki, the Pachin, and even the Pare, are highly polluted. All the drains are diverted to these rivers without proper treatment. Several streams flowing in various parts of the capital complex once used to be major sources of drinking water, but today they have been contaminated by the waste dumped by the citizens. If the situation continues, in the years to come, even the groundwater of the capital will get fully contaminated and will not be fit for drinking. It is strange that none of the government agencies takes this matter seriously. Even the environment & forest department has never initiated any attempt to save the dying rivers and streams of the capital. The state government should immediately intervene before it is too late. Water is the most important component for human survival. To live healthy, one has to drink healthy water.