Implement policies in letter and spirit

In a remarkable development, the Arunachal cabinet on Friday approved the Arunachal Pradesh Teachers Transfer & Posting Policy, 2020, and the Arunachal Pradesh State Industrial & Investment Policy, 2019.
According to government sources, the teachers’ transfer and posting policy will help rationalize transfer and posting of teachers serving under the state government, and ensure need-based distribution of teachers to protect the students’ academic interests. It said that all the government schools will be divided into three categories – hard, middle and soft. All new recruits will be initially given hard posting for a mandatory period of three years, including probationary posting, and subsequently middle posting for five years.
On the other hand, the industrial policy will help create a favourable atmosphere for investment in the industrial sector. The policy also promises to provide job opportunities to the youths of the state, and also promises attractive incentives and subsidized loans for entrepreneurs.
It is seen that despite several attempts to streamline the education system in the state, the teaching-learning process in some remote areas have become unproductive due to want of subject teachers. Annoyed with non-posting of teachers and lack of school infrastructure, alumni associations and community-based organisations have stepped in to improve the education system in some districts. It is hoped that the state government will implement the teachers’ transfer and posting policy in letter and spirit in order to bring tangible improvement in the quality of education across the state with need-based distribution of teachers.