Maintain restraint

The Uttar Pradesh police, who are increasingly coming under the scanner for their violent repression of the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) protestors, achieved a new low when Superintendent of Police (City) of Meerut, Akhilesh Narayan Singh, was caught on camera, making extremely communal statements in a Muslim locality. He tells protestors to go to Pakistan and warns that he will teach them a lesson. This development comes after former Army Chief General Bipin Rawat made a political statement by accusing certain “leaders” of instigating protesters to indulge in violence amid protests against the CAA. His statement drew strong criticism from the opposition parties.
The extremely provocative statement of SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh is deeply disturbing. No amount of justification is enough to cover up his act. Being the head of the police force, he should have maintained restraint. The statement has the potential to hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community. The police are supposed to maintain neutrality. But during the whole anti-CAA protests, the UP police have been truly exposed. Their harsh treatment of anti-CAA protestors is communal in nature. They have unleashed terror especially in the Muslim majority localities. In a state which has the largest Muslim population, the police should adopt caution while dealing with anti-CAA protestors. Any wrong move can have severe repercussions.