Harness the state’s potential

Lumdung, in East Kameng district, recently hosted the three-day state-level paragliding accuracy competition organized by the Paragliding Association of Arunachal (PAA). For a state like ours, where adventure sports like paragliding is yet to be taken up on a large scale, the participation of 21 pilots, including six females, from across the state in the event is a huge achievement and a matter of encouragement. In recent years, Lumdung has emerged as important destination for paragliding. The PAA has been making sincere efforts to promote Lumdung as hub of paragliding in the state. They have been successful to a certain extent.
Many people are now visiting the area to experience paragliding. The local MLA-cum-Sports & Youth Affairs Minister, Mama Natung, also deserves appreciation for his wholehearted support to the effort of the PAA. The government should invest more money to improve the infrastructure in the area. There is need to construct proper hotels and other facilities, so that visiting tourists have a comfortable stay. Apart from paragliding, East Kameng has massive potential in river rafting too, as the mighty Kameng flows through the district. The authorities should plan in such a way that tourists can enjoy both paragliding and river rafting during their visit. Like Lumdung, there are several other places in the state which can be developed as hubs for various other adventure sports activities. The government, particularly the tourism department, should identify these places and make long-term plans to harness their long-term potential.