MLAs should connect with constituencies

The All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has made an interesting appeal to the legislators of the community to stay more in their respective assembly constituencies to address the concerns of the citizens. Not only the MLAs of the Nyishi community, almost all the other MLAs too are often alleged to be staying more in capital Itanagar and outside the state. After getting elected, many of them do not bother to interact with the people of their assembly constituencies. They spend more time away from the same people who voted for them. Barring a few, most of the MLAs are guilty of neglecting the woes of the voters after being elected.
All these elected representatives are duty bound to address the concerns of the people. By failing to spend more time in their assembly constituencies, they are failing their own people. The government’s programmes and schemes being implemented at the grassroots level have to be monitored by the MLAs. In their absence the officials have a field day. Also, all the voters cannot come to capital Itanagar to meet the MLAs to apprise them of their concerns. Therefore it makes more sense for the elected representatives to spend more time in their constituencies. It is also claimed that some of the MLAs do not even own houses in their hometowns. They just visit the constituency during election time, and after that, hardly bother about the development issues. This is absolutely shocking. Unless they develop their own villages or constituencies, how can they claim to be agents of development?