Immediately release fund

On 20 January issue of this daily, a news caption was published regarding delay in construction of RCC culvert near ESS sector junction in Itanagar. The PWD in its clarification made a startling revelation that even though the state government has sanctioned Rs 1 crore for the project, the fund is yet to be released. This is very strange considering the fact that the project is of utmost importance to ease traffic congestion in the capital complex. Once the RCC culvert is constructed it will open up the DDK- ESS sector road and provide alternate road for the motorists.
This will immensely help to ease traffic congestion on NH 415. The failure of state government to release fund on time for such important infrastructure project is shocking. The government often makes tall claims about the putting effort to improve road infrastructure in the capital complex. But here they are not able to release a mere Rs one crore meant for construction of a massively important infrastructure project. They spend crores of money on useless events but are finding it hard to provide fund for the construction of a culvert. The state government, in particularly the finance department, should be ashamed of themselves. How can they expect PWD and contractor to complete project without releasing the required fund? As the department has set target of March 2020 for the completion of construction of RCC culvert near ESS sector junction, the finance department should immediately release the fund and let the work finish on time. Perhaps it’s time for the deputy chief minister Chowna Mein who also holds finance portfolio to look into the matter and take action.