“Credibility Crisis” Due To Difference In Words And Deeds: Rajnath Singh

New Delhi, Feb 21 (PTI): The politics in the country is facing a “crisis of credibility” due to the difference in words and deeds of the politicians, and this needs to be checked, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Friday.
Observing that the word ”politics” has lost its meaning, Rajnath Singh called upon the people to accept the challenge of ending the credibility crisis in politics.
“Politics is a system that takes society on the path of righteousness. But, presently it has lost its meaning and essence and people hate it,” he said while addressing Shivratri Mahotsav function of Brahmkumaris at Red Fort lawns.
This “credibility crisis” in politics has originated from the difference in words and deeds of the politicians, he claimed.
“Why cannot we take it as a challenge to end this crisis in politics,” he said.
Asserting that the message of ”Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” emanated from India, Rajnath Singh said it was an “incredible” feature of our culture that considered all, including those living beyond the boundaries of the country, as one family.
“This message spread from Bharat to the whole world. Only large-hearted people can conceive this. Narrow-minded people can not even think of it,” he said.
The defence minister termed Lord Shiva a symbol of “peaceful co-existence” and added that temples of the deity in all corners of the country completed the picture of an integral India.
He also associated Lord Shiva with the concept of unity in diversity that was a feature of India.
Rajnath Singh appealed to the people to learn at least one language other than their mother tongue to promote social homogeneity, pointing to linguistic disputes in different states.
He also urged Brahmkumaris to help people rise above the narrowness of caste and religion, asserting that if it happened, no power in the world will be able to stop the country from reaching the top of the global order.