Cooperate with the health department

The health department has issued an advisory to the public to avoid or postpone mass gatherings in the state as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus. The schools and colleges are also being shut down, while issuing of ILP and PAP to tourists has also been stopped. The state is virtually going to be locked down till the situation improves. Now it is the duty of the citizens to follow the advisories issued by the government. The coronavirus has been declared pandemic by the World Health Organization. The virus, which originated from China, is now spreading across the world.
The scientists in Europe are warning that the virus will hit its peak in May and June. So, this is going to be a long fight and everyone will have to play their role to stop it from spreading further. In its health advisory, the government of Arunachal has urged public to avoid or postpone mass gatherings. Therefore it will be in the interest of everyone to shut down all the places of worship where large gatherings mostly take place. The religious leaders should take a lead role and voluntarily shut down the places of worship before the authorities are forced to do so. The festival celebrations will also have to be abandoned this year. Remember, health is more important than anything else. The citizens should not depend only on the government. It is time they extended cooperation to the government in this battle against the deadly coronavirus.