Support fight against Covid-19 sensibly

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal during his recent address to the nation, the whole of India on Sunday observed ‘janta curfew’ from 7 am to 9 pm. The curfew was declared as a first step to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the country. Modi had appealed to the people to come out of their homes at 5 pm and acknowledge the work of the medical professionals in the fight against Covid-19 by clapping or banging pots, standing in their balconies. Though this may have been a noble idea, the majority of Indians misunderstood it and gathered in large numbers to clap.
This has defeated the very purpose of the ‘curfew’ which was observed to keep social distance. In fact, such large gatherings have further increased the chances of the virus spreading. This kind of stupidity should be avoided at this time when the whole world is fighting hard to stop the spread of Covid-19. From Monday evening onwards, Arunachal is going to be under lockdown. However, essential services like petrol, LPG, rice, PDS and grocery items, vegetables, medicines, etc, will remain available. Therefore the people should behave responsibly and stop panic buying. The administration should also strictly monitor to check any kind of hoarding by the shopkeepers. The lockdown is going to make life difficult for the citizens. However, in the best interests of the state, everyone should extend cooperation to the government. Remember, the scientists have made it clear that the next two weeks are very crucial for India. If the spread of the virus is stopped in the next two weeks, it will significantly aid the battle against Covid-19.