Be responsible

Arunachal has entered into lockdown from Monday evening onwards, which will last till 31 March. The lockdown was announced on Sunday by Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar. The decision to lock down the state was taken to prevent any possible outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in the state. So far there has been no report of any Covid-19 patient in the state, but the government took no chance and went ahead with the decision to lock down the state. As per notification, stores selling food, including PDS, groceries, general provisions, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, bread and milk, along with veterinary services and animal fodder, including their storage and transportation, will be open. Despite these announcements, people were seen cramping the markets across the state and indulging in panic buying. The hoarding of items also led to sudden rise in the prices of items like vegetables. People are being regularly advised to maintain social distance but it seems no one is taking the directive seriously. The crowded markets are ideal places for the spread of the virus. Now that the lockdown has started, it is the duty of every Arunachalee to extend cooperation to the government. Unless there is urgent work, the people should remain indoors and not go out. During the lockdown period there should not be any gathering. The government should take strict action against those violating the order. Also, Arunachalees who are coming back from outside should strictly follow the directives issued by the health department. Any mistake from their side can put the whole state at risk. This is the time to behave responsibly in the greater interest of humanity.