Be more assertive

The geology & mining department on Tuesday busted several coke manufacturing plants in Changlang district. The plants were later dismantled with the assistance of the district administration. Allegations of illegal mining often emerge from Changlang district. The administration as well as the geology & mining department rarely initiate action against them. Therefore, in this context, the department deserves appreciation for busting the illegal coke manufacturing plants. However, it should not be just an eyewash. The action has to be continued if the authorities are really serious. Illegal mining of coal poses serious threat to the environment, as well as to people involved in it.
Also, illegal mining is not confined to only the coal sector. In various parts of the state, illegal mining of sand, boulders, etc, are rampantly going on. Even within the capital complex region, large-scale mining is going on under the nose of the administration and the geology & mining department. Today, rivers like Senki, Pare, Poma and Pachin are facing an existential crisis due to rampant illegal mining. This is complete failure of the authorities. They are not able to check their activities because of the mafia have been emboldened. The illegal mining not only poses a threat to the environment but also leads to heavy loss of revenue for the state government. For a state like Arunachal, where revenue generation is such a major issue, illegal mining is a massive threat. The geology & mining department really needs to gear up and be more assertive on the ground.