Rise to the occasion

A video clip of police brutality during the lockdown period in Arunachal has gone viral on social media. Migrant workers in particular are bearing the brunt of such attacks. These attacks are uncalled for and can be avoided. Capital SP Tumme Amo deserves appreciation for swiftly reacting to the report and passing an order to the police personnel under his jurisdiction not to assault anyone and warning the police personnel of consequences if they break the order. There are many people who are out on the streets for various reasons. Various departments are still working and people are left with no choice but to attend office.
The police will have to be considerate towards these people. However, there is no denying that many people come out to the streets for no reason. These people seem least worried and are breaking the lockdown order. They are not only putting their own lives at risk but also that of the others. The police need to come down hard on such people. However, beating or assaulting them is not the solution. It would be best either to confiscate their vehicle or impose hefty fines on them for roaming around without any reason. In this time difficult time, the citizens also need to rise to the occasion and help the authorities by remaining inside their homes.