What a shame!

The first ever four-bedded intensive care unit (ICU) in the state will become operational at Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) from 3 April onwards. This ICU came up in the last few days as the state readies to battle the possible onslaught of Covid-19. It’s a shame that Arunachal, which became a full-fledged state in 1987, did not have a single hospital with an ICU till this new facility came up. The Covid-19 health crisis has truly exposed everything that is wrong with the health sector of the state. The government always talks of giving top priority to the health and education sectors.
A significant amount of fund is earmarked for these two sectors in almost every budget. But seeing the pathetic condition of the hospitals and the schools, one wonders where this money goes. If the government does not learn from the present crisis and makes amends, things will only go from bad to worse. The state government should remember that not every citizen can afford to go to Guwahati or Delhi for treatment. When the government says that the health sector is given priority, then it should ensure that the word is translated into action. Chief Minister Pema Khandu has shown willingness on many occasions to rise to the occasion and get the work done. Perhaps it’s time for him to take over the health department and personally monitor the work. The health minister and senior bureaucrats have failed to perform their duties.