Don’t create unnecessary hurdles

The possible spread of the coronavirus in the state seems to have made the people panicky. In several areas, village, colony and sector roads have been barricaded by the residents. This has created trouble for the essential service providers. The Itanagar Municipal Corporation on Wednesday stated that barricades erected at various colonies of the capital complex are hindering regular garbage collection. In many areas, even the medical staffs are not being allowed to enter by the hostile local people. In some districts, even highways have been blocked, disrupting the supply of essential items.
This kind of behaviour is highly condemnable. It is understandable that people are living in fear and therefore are resorting to every means to protect themselves. But blocking of roads is not the solution. In fact, it is going to make matter worse for them. Instead of resorting to such hostile behaviour, the people should extend cooperation to all the workers who are part of providing essential services. They are putting their own lives at risk by being out on the streets to serve the people. By creating obstacles in their work, the citizens are doing immense disservice to them. Yes, they can protest if proper standard operating procedures are not being followed by those workers. But creation of unnecessary hurdles should be avoided at this juncture.