Don’t take coronavirus lightly; people need to wear facemasks: PM

NEW DELHI, Sep 10: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday urged people not to take coronavirus lightly and follow the rule of wearing facemasks and maintaining social distancing till scientists develop a vaccine.

“I have certain expectations from you. That is to follow the rule of wearing a mask and do gaj ki doori (a distance of two yards).

“Be safe and remain healthy. Take care of senior citizens in the family. These things are important. Do not take coronavirus lightly,” Modi said.

He also said that, till scientists develop a vaccine for Covid-19, “this social vaccine is the best way to save ourselves from coronavirus. This is the only solution.”

 He was addressing the national launch of Rs 20,050-crore Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana and several other initiatives in Bihar via videoconference.

The prime minister also asked people not to spit in public places. (PTI)