PM says Rs 20,050 crore PMMSY to help double fisheries exports, increase farmers’ income

NEW DELHI, Sep 10: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched the Rs 20,050-crore Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) in 21 states, including Bihar, to help double fisheries exports, create more employment opportunities and boost income of farmers.

Through a video conference, the prime minister also launched the mobile app, e-Gopala, as well as several initiatives linked to studies and research in fisheries production, dairy, animal husbandry and agriculture in Bihar. The state is heading for the assembly polls in October-November.

“The motive behind all these schemes launched today is to empower our villages and make India self-reliant the 21st century,” Modi said.

The PMMSY is being launched in 21 states with over Rs 20,000 crore to be spent in the next four to five years, he said, adding that projects worth Rs 1,700 crore commenced on Thursday itself.

The PMMSY will ensure new infrastructure, modern equipment and access to new markets to fish producers and improve avenues for increasing income apart from farming. Fisheries exports are expected to double in the next four to five years, the PM added.

He emphasized on promoting in vitro fertilization technology in cattle breeding and disseminating scientific information about cattle care.

About the mobile app e-Gopala, he said the online platform – which provides all the information related to cattle care, from productivity to its health and diet – would help farmers choose better quality livestock and get freedom from middlemen. (PTI)