Be ready to fight the pandemic

While the Covid-19 positive cases in India are going to touch the one crore mark within a few weeks, the Centre is going ahead with its nationwide unlock process without a break. It seems that now the government has shifted most of the responsibilities to prevent and check the spread of Covid-19 in the nook and corner of the country.
With no option in hand, the government is carefully feeding the public Covid-19 recovery percentages and the hope of a Covid-19 vaccine, probably next year, while issuing new SOPs and guidelines from time to time.
While the Covid-19 death toll in India has already crossed the one lakh mark and the global deaths by the pandemic has crossed 10 lakhs, researchers are still searching all possible ways of stopping the spread of the coronavirus.
According to a new study, the airborne transmission of the present pandemic is increasing manifold in enclosed spaces.
“The widely adopted social distancing and handwashing did not effectively prevent transmission globally. Instead, the number of new Covid-19 cases increased steadily,” the research study said.
The study said, “Covid-19 could be spread through fine aerosol particles being circulated in an enclosed space, and as the weather turns colder.” The researchers hope that their research work will persuade more people to wear facemasks in public areas, particularly in indoor spaces.
Since it is certain that we are going to fight the pandemic until a vaccine against Covid-19 is invented, it is time for everyone to take every step to build immunity to fight the disease, apart from obeying the government’s Covid-19 guidelines and SOPs.