TV channels denting journalism

The Mumbai police made a sensational claim on Thursday that TV channels indulge in manipulation of television rating points (TRP). Republic TV is among the three channels being investigated for allegedly gaming ratings and using them to spread fake narratives and gain ad revenues. The scam is alleged to be worth Rs 40,000 crore by the police. The news has rocked the media industry, with Republic TV refuting the allegation. The police are expected to summon officials of Republic TV in the next few days. The exposure will definitely hit the credibility of the TV industry.
Republic TV, which has emerged as the number one channel in recent years, has been accused of using fraudulent means to increase its TRP. The integrity of the channel for sure has gone for a toss. But it will not end here. The TV industry as a whole will suffer. Now people will start doubting the TRP ratings. Already the industry was facing a confidence issue. In recent years, the TV industry has lost the confidence of the people as viewers see them as an extended part of the ruling BJP. The term ‘Godi (lapdog) media’ has been coined for them. Many of the top TV anchors openly support the ruling BJP and carry out the party’s agenda. This latest TRP scam will further dent the confidence of the people in these TV channels. An irreparable damage has been done to the journalism field by these sold-out TV channels.