RGU to prepare roadmap for skill-based courses in media industry

RONO HILLS, Nov 10: Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) Vice Chancellor Prof Saket Kushwaha has announced that the university will soon organize a “planning conference” to chart out a definitive roadmap of how the university will engage with and collaborate with the media and entertainment industry through the Media & Entertainment Skills Council, New Delhi, to offer skill-based courses in animation, graphics, gaming, VFX, filmmaking, performing arts, etc, “which will provide the students with comprehensive and hands-on knowledge in their chosen trades and equip them with job-ready skills for the current media industry requirements.”

Prof Kushwaha made the announcement during an online interaction called ‘virtual manthan’ of chancellors, VCs and department heads of central and state universities on the significance of integrating skill-based media programmes with formal education, as introduced in the National Education Policy-2020, and on developing easier access routes to formal media education.