All eyes on three-member committee

With the constitution of a three-member committee headed by Environment & Forests Minister Mama Natung, with Liromoba MLA Nyamar Karbak and Taliha MLA Nyato Dukam as members, it finally seems that the Tawang church issue will be peacefully resolved. The Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) has also welcomed the formation of a committee and declared not to resort to any dharna or peaceful protest till the report of the committee is submitted. The committee will have six months to submit a report. It has enough time to properly conduct study and work out a solution acceptable to all parties.

This is for the first time in the state that a major religious flare-up has happened. But to the credit of the Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) and the local people of Tawang, who are largely Buddhist, the issue has not been allowed to blow out of proportion. While the ACF is seeking land for construction of a church, the local people of Tawang are opposing the move. Both the parties have so far used peaceful methods to present their views, which is really appreciable. The maturity shown by the leaders of both the parties deserves to be appreciated. They should extend similar maturity when the committee submits its report. Both sides should be ready to accept the report of the three-member committee. If they are not satisfied they can always use legal and democratic means to lodge a protest. Now the onus lies with a three-member committee to work out a solution. Natung, Dukam and Karbak are experienced public leaders. They have great responsibility on their shoulders to tactfully handle the controversy. The whole state will be waiting for the outcome of the report.