Sexual abuse of workers needs to stop

In a disturbing report, an assistant engineer working under the PWD Bameng division in East Kameng district, identified as one Tamik Makcha was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl who was employed as his domestic help.

As per the report, she has been repeatedly raped on several occasions. This is absolutely horrendous.

The police should properly investigate the case so that strict punishment is given by the judiciary.

In Arunachal Pradesh a large number of people employ domestic help, a majority of whom are under-aged and hail from the neighbouring state of Assam. These girls mostly come from poor economic backgrounds and are not aware of their basic rights and their employer exploits the situation. Many of them are not allowed to meet their parents and do not go home for years.

Taking undue advantage of such situations, some male employers indulge in the heinous act of raping the under-aged girls. A majority of such cases are unreported as often family members suppress the voice of the victim.

Unfortunately, even female members of the family do not extend support to the victim. There have been instances where girls have had to undergo abortion after being raped.

While the responsibility is on all of us, women as a group will have to come out and take a strong stand on this issue as they have done on many occasions.

The poor children are working to earn a living for their families. The dignity of labour should be respected and should never be exploited.