Stop behaving like dictators

Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso on Thursday while addressing an election rally alleged that government officials are being threatened with transfer and termination from their service if they participate in the election process. This comes just days after Education Minister Taba Tedir was also accused of threatening government officials of repercussions during an election campaign in his home constituency. He was criticized on social media for issuing the threat. During every election the government officials become the easiest targets.

The ruling government always keeps a tab on the activities of government officials. If anyone is found going against the candidate of the ruling party, the government starts putting pressure on them. Such practice is undemocratic and is against the spirit of free and fair election. It is nowhere written that government officials cannot exercise their right to participate in the election process. Of course, it is clear that they cannot misuse their position to manipulate the election process. They are liable for action if found misusing the position. But expecting them to vote or work in support of the ruling party just because they are government employees is wrong. Arunachal is part of the democratic setup of India. This is not North Korea where everyone is compelled to vote for the ruling communist regime. The politicians of Arunachal should stop behaving like dictators and let everyone peacefully participate in the election process.